ກ່ຽວກັບ LIDA

Lao ICT Commerce Association is an umbrella association  that groups IT professionals, IT software and hardware companies as well as ISP and IT related Human Resource Development companies.

Established in August 2005

Under umbrella of Leo National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LNCCI)

Supervised by Ministry of Post and Telecommunications

LICA is a member of:

  • ASOCIO: Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization
  • WITSA: World Information Technology and Services Alliance

LICA Vision:

LICA ເປັນອົງກອນລະດັບຊາດທີີ່ເຊື່ອມໂຍງກັບທຸກພາກສ່ວນທັງພາຍໃນ ແລະ ຕ່າງປະເທດ ໂດຍນຳໃຊ້ ດິຈິຕອນ ເຕັກໂນໂລຊີແລະ ນະວັດຕະກຳ ເຂົົ້າໃນການພັດທະນາ
ເສດຖະກິດ – ສັງຄົມ ແບບກ້າວກະໂດດ ແລະ ຍືນຍົງ.

LICA Mission:

  • Facilitating the adaptation of and embrace the information technology, telecommunications and digital technologies for all organizations in Lao PDR
  • Providing strong leadership, knowledge sharing, platforms or the hub for collaboration between different industries, public sector and academia to achieve the ideal policies
  • Strengthening manpower skills and digital talents of the industries that would support the digital economic development of the nation.